Julie Weiss

Julie Weiss of Santa Monica, CA. ran 52 Marathons in 52 weeks and has since run more than 100 Marathons to raise money for pancreatic cancer patient care and research. To date she has raised nearly $700,000 for the cure. Julie loves playing with her grandkids and lives by healthy eating, living and running. She has been covered in “Spirit of the Marathon II,” O Magazine, CNN, Today and the Los Angeles Times. Julie has inspired thousands and her story of how she went from being a face in the pack to an inspirational force is documented in her book “The Miles and Trials of a Marathon Goddess” and her newly released children’s book “We Got This: The Story of the Marathon Goddess”.


What does living an active lifestyle mean to you? 

Health, happiness, confidence, being a part of a positive community of healthy athletes. It also gives me a chance to prove things to myself, which I never believed I could do. 


What is your favorite song(s) to listen to while running/working out? 

Too many to count and it depends what mood I am in, but "Eye of the Tiger" spoke to me today. 


What is your passion and why? 

Even after 109 marathons, running is still my passion. Running makes me feel alive and gives me the energy I need to reach for the moon. Remember, even if you miss, you'll land amongst the stars! Also, right before I finished the 52 marathons in 52 weeks, a friend taught me Transcendental Meditation® In the midst of chaos, it brings inner peace, clarity and a feeling of unboundedness. Running and mediation, It's the perfect combination!