Keck Medicine of USC wants everyone to have a healthy, safe marathon experience. Volunteer physicians, nurses and staff from Keck Medicine of USC will be ready to assist you on course with any medical difficulties.

Dr. Chudnosfsky, MD, Medical Director, Los Angeles Marathon

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How To Prevent One Of The Most Common Running Injuries

The most common injury I treat in runners is Patellar Tendonitis.Patellar Tendonitis occurs through an overload of the Patellar Tendon during training. This typically occurs when patients are increasing their...

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What Is Periodization

Periodization is a systematic way to plan athletic training over weeks, months or years. It involves strategic training phases that increase and decrease both volume and intensity.

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Should You Stretch Before A Run

"Dynamic stretching is best before exercise to prepare the muscles for optimal activation. It is best to do dynamic stretching during a 10 to 20 minute warm-up session before running....

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Common Injuries In Runners And How To Prevent Them

Training for a marathon can put serious strain on your body. In order to prevent injuries and be ready for race day, remember these helpful tips from USC Orthopaedic Surgery...

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The Art Of Choosing A Running Shoe

Put your best foot forward with running shoes that can go the distance. Whether you are a marathoner or training for your first 5K, your running shoes can propel you...

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10 Tips For Your Best Race Day Running Experience

On the day of the race, here are some key factors to consider and plan for so that you can focus on reaching the finish line. You’ve trained for months...