Volunteers will check in at various locations, depending on their assignment. The volunteer page will be updated race week with exact locations.

  • Start area volunteers will check in at 2600 Bernard Way.
  • Finish area volunteers will check in at the Finish area at Ocean and Broadway in Santa Monica.
  • Water Station volunteers will meet their water station captains at the water station location they are assigned. They do not need to come to the expo or volunteer check in at the start. Water station volunteers will receive a volunteer t-shirt upon checking in. Water Station 1 will check in at the Finish Line at Ocean and Broadway.
  • Expo volunteers will check in at the Santa Monica Pier. The exact location will be emailed to volunteers race week.

Water Station 2/3 will report directly to San Vicente and Ocean

Volunteers should be at least 10 years old. Volunteers under 13 years of age should be supervised by a parent/guardian at an adult to child ratio of 10:1, respectively.

Volunteers at the start and finish area should be 13 years old or older.

Special circumstances may be granted for children under 10. Please email volunteer@goconqur.com with questions.

Please email volunteer@goconqur.com if you need to cancel your volunteer shift. We ask that if you need to cancel your shift, you do so with at least 3 weeks notice so that we are able to fill your spot. Remember our volunteer captains and other volunteers are relying on volunteers to follow through with their commitment and cancelling last minute puts everyone is a difficult position.

Please refer to the volunteer guidelines section. We encourage you to check the weather forecast (www.weather.com) as your volunteer shift approaches to get a better idea of temperatures so you can dress accordingly. If you are at the finish line or water stations, we advise volunteers to bring a hat, sunblock and sweater for layering in the morning.

Once you register online, you are confirmed. All volunteers receive a confirmation email after they register so please be sure to check your spam folder if you have not received one yet.

There’s a chance that the confirmation email was either was lost in your Spam folder or that you may have entered your email incorrectly when registering. Please visit http://doitsports.com/volunteer2/myjobs-2.tcl?even... to look up your assignment using the email address you registered with.

Email volunteer@goconqur.com to request a group waiver form. Each volunteer must sign the waiver and if they are under 18 yrs old they will need to have their parent/guardian sign the waiver for them. Volunteer waivers must be turned in by Friday, September 2nd.

Great! Please email volunteer@goconqur.com

Great! We are always looking for volunteer leaders to help in different areas. Please email volunteer@goconqur.com.